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  • What is your work finished with? Each piece is finished with Tung Oil. They each have at least 5 layers of tung oil and are sanded with 2000 grit between each coat. After the Tung Oil is hand rubbed onto each piece they are left for at least 24 hours before another layer is applied.
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  • Do you ship? Yes I will ship. I will obtain a quote for you based on the size and weight of the pieces you choose. If you are ok with the price I can add it to your method of payment and package everything for shipping.
    What is your work finished with?
  • Is there any special care that is recommended for you pieces? They should never be placed in a dishwasher. Simply use a damp cloth and dry the piece afterword. Oil is used as it is a penetrating finish which leaves the natural look and feel of the wood. It also provides moderate protection from water, and prevents the wood from drying out. Oils will not chip, blister or peel. As years go by you can always add another coat of tung oil if you choose to, which will simply help protect your piece."
    How is the work finished?
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